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Early Footage for Israeli Slasher ‘Rabies’

After reviewing hundreds of Israeli features, film critic Aharon Keshlers decided to direct his own movie but not yet another Israeli war film or drama genre, but rather a ‘slasher’.

Along with director Aharon Papouchado, the two are presenting Rabies – a movie which tells the story of a group of young teenagers being stalked and hunted down in a deserted dense forest. The actors who were chosen to play murderers and murderees are all a-list actors such as Ofer Shechter, Ania Buckshtein and Lior Ashkenazi.

The two directors declared that making this movie was beyond fulfilling a dream. Keshler stated that he never dared to dream, not even in his pinkest, or rather reddest fantasies that he would find himself doing what he is so passionate for. Check out the trailer inside.



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