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[WTF] Could This Be The Worse Music Video Ever?

There have been many truly awful music videos throughout time. Men Without HatsSafety Dance comes to mind. Or perhaps there is the more recent Friday from Rebecca Black. But neither of these, in my mind, come close to the abomination that is sweeping the internet known as 3 Second Rule from Lisa Gail Allred. Full of incredibly off-key singing, boring visuals, and just a painfully desperate attitude, this video pretty much hits all the necessary points to ensure that it goes viral for all the wrong (right?) reasons. Check it out below but get some band-aids ready for your ears.

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  • j.c

    Oh, oh oh…Yeah yeah yeah…Thats some funny crap right there! LOL

  • PatrickxJonathan

    Is this real life

  • Ashtray_gal

    this is real scary shit

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