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IFC Midnight Trailer for ‘The Possession of Emma Evans’ (aka ‘Exorcismus’)

Manuel Carballo’s terrible The Possession of Emma Evans (Exorcismus) will premiere tomorrow on VOD courtesy of IFC Midnight, and inside you’ll find our previous released 6 clips, along with the official US trailer. I highly recommend avoiding it at all costs. Starring Sophie Vavasseur (Evelyn), Stephen Billington (Resident Evil), Richard Felix (Fragile), Douglas Bradley (Hellraiser) and Tommy Bastow, tired of a family that she feels is too oppressive and authoritarian, Emma Evans, a troubled and unsatisfied teen in full pursuit of her identity, decides one day to do something to end this situation. To achieve this, Emma unleashes her deepest desires, not realizing that it’s a trigger too dark and powerful forces that she is unable to control, bringing the horror and tragedy into the Evans home. Emma just wanted to be free… but there are things you should never wish for.



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