Travel Down Filipino ‘The Road’ With New Red Band Trailer!

  • PatrickxJonathan

    Is this in English or subtitles? I really don’t think I can sit through another dubbed movie.

    • davidbleezy

      Hmmmm…hard to say. I kept rewinding the part where the girl is screaming and beating her hands on the tarp. It sounds like she is saying “hospital” or “happy cough”.

      • PatrickxJonathan

        Yeah, unfortunately most foreign movies have been getting no subtitle treatment lately with VOD or Netflix. Kidnapped, Sint (Saint Nick), Dead Snow, etc. I’m also not about to go out and buy DVD’s of the movies On Demand and Netflix so it sucks.

        • FleshofCaligula

          Same I can take some dub movies but sometimes it’s soooooo annoying.

    • MinaDoll7

      It’s probably going to be subtitled. It’s just that a lot of Filipino acctors/actresses know English so they sometimes have a habit of mixing English with Tagalog(filipino language).
      @davidbleezy What the girl said was “Let go of my sister!”

  • FleshofCaligula

    This movie looks nuts :0

  • djblack1313

    i won’t watch (SINT being literally the only exception because at the time i could only find the dubbed version) a dubbed movie (and i say that as a big fan of foreign films!). no way.

  • woodchuck

    the main problem with dubbing is it makes perfectly good acting just seem fucking atrocious, I’ve had the same problem with Netflix

  • Harry Manback

    i watched it on On-Demand, it was subbed, and it sucked. I loved the trailer, but the movie was all over the place. Like an incoherent acid trip told from 3 different people about the same thing. Plus mommy issues are a little stale.