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Anthony Stewart Head Thinks ‘Buffy’ Remake “A Horrible Idea”

It’s not just the film/show’s original writer/creator that’s speaking out, now one of the original “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” cast speaks out. Anthony Stewart Head, who played Buffy’s watcher Giles, had this to say about Warner Bros. Pictures forthcoming feature film: “It’s a horrible idea,” Head told the Huffington Post. “It’s a horrible idea in as much as Buffy was a great conceit. It was a great story. … I don’t feel that you can then remake that without the original creator on board. It doesn’t make sense. And I mean, somewhere down the line, I suppose sometimes … I suppose you could, but it never sits very comfortably. With someone like Joss, why would you want to? Well, I know why you want to. You want to make money. As he said recently, ‘I hope it’s good!’ [laughs] I love him.” The answer is: it happens all the time. In fact, the last reports claimed that Joss Wedon has turned down the opportunity to work on the project.
Anthony Stewart Head



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