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Danielle Harris Confirms Role In ‘Hatchet 3’!

I think a lot of us were assuming that Danielle Harris (Among Friends, Hatchet 2) would reprise her role as Marybeth in Hatchet 3, and now that assumption has been confirmed.

Speaking with OBX Entertainment Harris said, “I’m excited to be starting Hatchet III next. It’s going to be great.” This is from an appearance at this past weekend’s “Blood On The Beach” convention, and OBX claims she gave the statement yesterday. Given the timing and the fact that Hatchet 3 is currently prepping and is about to shoot in and around New Orleans, Louisiana – I’d say the margin for error is pretty low.

Hatchet 3 will be written and produced by series creator Adam Green who is handing the directing reigns over to longtime camera operator BJ McDonnell. It will continue where the story left off in Hatchet 2, as a young woman sought revenge on the malevolent Victor Crowley who killed her family while they were fishing in Louisiana swamp country. ArieScope Pictures and Dark Sky Films will likely release the film sometime in 2013.



  • staindFAN

    Yup, she told me this a month ago at Horror Hound weekend in Columbus, OH. Im so pumped. I love Danielle and the Hatchet franchise.

  • djblack1313

    Danielle rules. i adore her. even though i thought HATCHET 2 was pretty bad, i’m hopeful that i’ll like what BJ McDonnell brings to the franchise! fingers crossed.

  • PatrickxJonathan

    Yuck. Her performance in Hatchet 2 was worse than the Red Sox.

  • FreddyKrueger13

    Well this is good news, Danielle is the best and I enjoy the Hatchet movies too. Its a win win!

  • TheHorrorGuru

    I like Danielle Harris and I enjoyed the first Hatchet, but Hatchet 2 was rather lackluster. Here’s hoping they came produce something better this time.

  • Aaron Emery

    I’m sorry but, as much as I like Danielle Harris, her acting was absolutely atrocious in Hatchet 2. Hopefully this will be an improvement.

  • egaltt23

    I met Danielle around a month ago. She’s a sweet, awesome person and one of my favorites, but Hatchet stinks.

  • TheGonzoJoint

    Goddamn it. I really didn’t like her in Hatchet II.

  • BloodyBass

    Terrible acting and voice in Hatchet 2. Not that there was a single good moment of acting from anyone in Hatchet 2.

  • viking1983

    please god no she was awful in hatchet 2

  • VictorCrowley

    I dig Danielle, but seriously, what is up with her friggin brow???

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