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Davey Suicide ‘Generation F*ck Star’ Music Video Teaser AND Top 10 List!

Bloody-Disgusting is excited to bring you not one but TWO exclusives from Davey Suicide, who recently signed to Standby Records “Rock N Roll 2.0” roster. We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming Generation F*ck Star video, which will make it’s premiere May 1st on Blank TV as well as Davey’s Top 10 Clothing/Accessories Every Rock Star Needs To Own. Check it all out below.

Davey Suicide states “My predecessors went indie first and it felt like it’s right thing to do. Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to find the team that believes in what you do. It spoke volumes to me when Standby and my management said, ‘f*ck yeah, lets make Generation F*ck Star the first track.’ In my life, I’ve had many instances where the industry has told me, ‘no.’ This instance was the first of many that confirmed, to me, that this team shared my vision.”

Davey Suicide’s Top 10 Clothing/Accessories Every Rock Star Needs To Own:

1. Hair – Hair is the most defining accessory. It symbolizes commitment to your appearance, longevity and often becomes the staple to your image.

2. Leather Jackets – I love long coats but if you are shorter, go with a leather jacket. Safety pin patches to it and rep the ‘Cross Your Heart’ or your favorite band on the back.

3. Boots – The higher, and more buckles, the better. Only children go to war in Converse.

4. Make Up – When music fans go to a rock show, they want to see one. Part of that is enhancing your persona with make up.

5. Tight Pants – Give the ladies something to think about after the show ends. Rip them up, let them fray, sew patches on them and most importantly, make them skin tight.

6. Belts – You should have at least 1, if not 3 studded leather belts crisscrossing your lower torso as if you are guarding the holy grail

7. Gloves – Decorate your hands with leather, opera or fingerless gloves. If they are fingerless, paint your nails black and leave one red, like me.

8. Bandanas – Whether they are tied to your belt loops, or wrapped around your wrists, neck or head, bandanas help bring out your inner dirty south.

9. Baby Powder – We call it Baptizing. Since I believe in second chances, we baptize each other by pouring baby powder on ourselves before every show.

10. Tattoos – Tattoos represent pieces of your life that you are proud to display to the world, everyday. Being a rock star isn’t a job that comes off when you go home, it’s a lifestyle and it’s the ability to live your life, fearless and free from boundaries.

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