Preview: Road Rage #3 - Bloody Disgusting
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Preview: Road Rage #3



With the first part of Road Rage in the dust, the creative team switches lanes to bring on an entirely different story. Long before Spielberg made Jurassic Park, or even Jaws, he had an indie horror flick called Duel, inspired by Richard Matheson’s short story of the same name. The film is as ridiculous as the story and it deals with a young man being terrorized by a psychotic truck(driver). Chris Ryall is bringing that story to comics as part of the “Road Rage” mini-series and you can check the preview below. If you missed the first two issues, don’t worry because this new chapter has absolutely nothing to do with the last.

WRITTEN BY: Richard Matheson, Chris Ryall
ART BY: Rafa Garres
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: April 25th, 2012

The focus turns to the inspiration behind Throttle, Richard Matheson’s classic tale of isolation and terror, Duel! See the story that inspired Steven Spielberg’s movie come to vivid life here, courtesy of adapter Chris Ryall and artist Rafa Garres!


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