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‘Saw 3D’ TV Spot Banned in UK

Further proving that our world is filled with weaklings and completel pussies, a TV trailer advertising the film Saw 3D has been banned after a 10-year-old complained that it was “distressing” and “inappropriately scheduled,” you know, strong words from a 10-year-old (sounds more like his/her parents put the words in their mouth). Full details on this “breaking” (sarcasm) news inside.
From BBC:

It began with a screaming man reaching towards the screen with a bloodied hand and featured images of saw blades.

The unnamed child saw the advert at 2029 in a break during The Gadget Show on Channel Five.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said it was “likely to cause distress to young children”.

Advertising services organisation Clearcast had originally cleared the advert to be shown after 1930.

It said that anyone watching TV later than that would know that it was for a film trailer and clearly based in fantasy.

But the ASA upheld the child’s complaint.

It said images in the advert which depicted people in a cinema “linked the scenes from the film with a recognisably real situation”.

These include scenes which showed cinema-goers “suddenly trapped by metal restraints and where the figure reached out and pulled a cinema-goer back towards the screen”, the ASA said.

We considered it was therefore likely to cause distress to young children who might not make a clear distinction between the scenes from the film and the scenes in the cinema.

It said a post-1930 restriction was “not sufficient” and ruled the advert must not be be broadcast again in its current form before 2100.



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