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African Zombie Flick ‘The Dead’ Rises in US Theaters

Howard J Ford, Director of the African zombie flick The Dead (review), was finally able to reveal today that US and UK theatrical distribution are right now being agreed and will be announced shortly. “Sorry it’s taken a long while to get news out. In truth, it’s taken us a year longer than anticipated for distribution to be agreed but for very good reason: We could have taken 100+ deals from distributors for `The Dead’ to just go out on DVD but we didn’t nearly kill ourselves shooting this movie on 35mm film across Africa for it not to go out on the big screen.” Although unable to say who has bought the film, Ford revealed that “distribution in the US will happen theatrically, initially in 20 major US cities this spring and then spread outward depending on how many people actually turn up to see it.” Check out the film’s official website.



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