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IFC Poster for Awesome ‘We Are What We Are’

Easily one of the best films I saw this year is Jorge Michel Grau’s We Are What We Are (review), a real-life cannibal story about a family left destitute when the father and leader, from the time his three sons and his widow facing a storm, passes away. The four will have to face him his worst nightmare: getting food into their own hands. Continue with its rituals is vital to eat human flesh to survive. Now, by decree, the eldest brother, a teenage misfit, must lead his people to preserve their cannibalistic tradition, unaware that, in the attempt, will have to sacrifice their own lives. Part art-house horror, part social-realist drama, We Are What We Are is opening in the US on February 18 (VOD). Check out a brand new domestic poster inside.
A middle-aged man dies in the street, leaving his widow and three children destitute. The devastated family is confronted not only with his loss but with a terrible challenge – how to survive. For they are cannibals. They have always existed on a diet of human flesh consumed in bloody ritual ceremonies… and the victims have always been provided by the father. Now that he is gone, who will hunt? Who will lead them? How will they sate their horrific hunger? The task falls to the eldest son, Alfredo, a teenage misfit who seems far from ready to accept the challenge… But without human meat the family will die. Shocking, bloody and deeply moving, WE ARE WHAT WE ARE is a remarkable reinvention of the horror genre – a visceral and powerfully emotional portrait of a family bound by a terrible secret and driven by monstrous appetites.



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