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REMINDER: ‘Dead Silence’ Plays Los Angeles TOMORROW, Wan and Whannell Attending!

Universal’s awful marketing (and, oddly, enforced R rating) led to Dead Silence‘s less than stellar theatrical run, preventing fans from enjoying this Hammer throwback on the big screen when it was released in early 2007. But it’s gotten a new lease on life thanks to cable and DVD, and thus we felt it was time to show this underrated flick on the big screen again! If you live in Los Angeles, come on down to the Nuart theater on Friday, January 14th at 11:55 PM for the first ever revival screening of James Wan’s followup to Saw. Wan (daytime decision) and writer Leigh Whannell will be on hand for a Q&A, and if you’ve ever heard them talk you know it will be a hilarious and informative chat, moderated by our own BC and Simon Barrett. Tickets are 10 bucks in advance (just scroll to Jan 14) or at the door – see you there! Punch and pie. Just kidding, we’ll have some giveaways.



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