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CBS Films Moves ‘Beastly’ Into Vacant March Slot

CBS Films knows you’re super crazy excited for the Twilight-esque romance Beastly, so they’re pushing up the release by a few weeks (I was being sarcastic, BTW). Why? Because they know exactly what I want for my birthday (yes, I’m being sarcastic again). The studio has pushed the Daniel Barnz-directed “Beauty and the Beast” tale starring Vanessa Hudgens, Alex Pettyfer, Mary-Kate Olsen, Neil Patrick Harris, and Peter Krause to March 4. When a spell is cast on a handsome egocentric young man (Pettyfer) that physically transforms him into everything he despises, he has one year to find a young woman (Hudgens) who will love him despite his hideous form or the spell will last forever. Enjoy this emo-tastic trailer.



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