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Better, But Still Cheesy: Latest Italian One Sheet for ‘Dead of Night’

Arriving in Italy March 18, inside you’ll find yet another cheesy Italian one sheet for Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night, Kevin Munroe’s long-delayed comic adaptation starring Brandon Routh, Sam Huntington, Anita Briem, Taye Diggs, Kyle Russell Clements, Peter Stormare, and Kurt Angle. The story has been moved from London, where Sclavi had originally set it, to present-day New York. Dylan Dog is forced back into his nightmare investigations after he is approached by a woman who claims to have seen her father brutally murdered by a mysterious creature. With his street smart, his gun and a set of paranormal weapons, Dylan attempts to restore order both above and below ground. The film has been testing in Los Angeles theaters, maybe there’s some distribution news forthcoming?



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