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OMFG of the Day: ‘Bride of Chucky’ Destroyed Oprah Winfrey’s Happiness (and Waistline)!

My friend Zak just sent me the greatest video interview of the year, maybe even the next decade. In her upcoming CNN interview with Piers Morgan, Oprah Winfrey reveals that the box-office performance of her 1998 Toni Morrison adaptation Beloved was the biggest failure of her life: ““I don’t want to call it a turkey, but it didn’t work, and it sent me into a massive, depressive macaroni and cheese-eating tailspin. Literally!” The blame? She points her finger at the Ronny Yu-directed Bride of Chucky, the fourth film in the Child’s Play franchise. Continued inside!
I didn’t know that you had that weekend, and that is it,” she tells Morgan speaking of Beloved. “It premiered on a Friday night and I remember hearing on Saturday morning that we got beat by something called Chucky. I didn’t even know what Chucky was.

This is where things get LOL funny: “I asked my chef at the time make some macaroni and cheese…I ate about 30 lbs worth,” uncomfortably laughing “Im not kidding!

The bonus is when Winfrey reveals that this was the worst depression she had ever faced — thanks to good ol’ Charles Lee Ray! “It was the only time in my life that I was ever depressed, and I recognized that ‘I am depressed,’ because I’ve done enough shows [on the topic]. ‘Oh, this is what people must feel like who are depressed.’

Watch this epic piece of video below.



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