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Steve Niles’ ‘Wake the Dead’ Finally Getting Big Screen Treatment Thanks to Slash!

The cats out of the bag as “30 Days of Night” creator Steve Niles revealed one of guitarist-turned-producer Slash’s first productions: a live-action adaptation of his “Frankenstein” story Wake the Dead. Originally set up back in 2008 with Jay Russell at the helm (who is still attached), Slasher Films will get behind the retelling of the “Frankenstein” legend in the style of cult favorites The Crow and Darkman! In the first issues, College student Victor works to reverse death, not knowing what a can of worms he’s opening up. But he’ll find out. After seeing how good 30 Days of Night turned out, we can only dream of how good this could be. Hopefully Slash knows what’s he’s doing (we do know for a fact that he’s good at the “Tales from the Crypt” pinball game, although I’m not sure how that helps).



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