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Sundance ’11: The Night After: The Debacle That is ‘Red State’

When will the balloon pop? Writer/director Kevin Smith’s ego has been inflating at such a rapid rate it’s only a matter of time until it bursts. The madness started when Smith suggested asking fans to fund his indie film – one which Smith openly admitted would be a tough sell – and then took to Twitter attacking journalists, critics and other forms of media. He’s basically stood on a rooftop and declared himself king, and all of us jesters. Why? Because he’s built a following around himself of ass-kisser and super fans who would buy a dried out piece of Smith-poop if it was auctioned off during a Smodcast. Anyways, last night Smith auctioned off his indie political horror Red State in a sad publicity stunt to himself, while also making bold statements about the state of independent cinema. I was laying in bed reflecting on this (it slowly dawned on me he was F.O.S.) and was happy to stumble across this fantastic rant – “Kevin Smith Isn’t Saving Indie Film, He’s Spitting In Its Face” – by Devin Faraci at Badass Digest. Inside you can watch the “auction” and listen to Smith’s perception on the matter, then go forth and read what Faraci had to say. He couldn’t have summed it up better.



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