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First Look: Poster, Image and Synopsis for ‘The Holding’

Starring Kierston Wareing (Fish Tank), Vincent Regan (300, Clash of the Titans), and David Bradley (Harry Potter) comes The Holding, a new thriller being sold at this coming EFM in Berlin. Below you’ll find the sales art, synopsis and first image!

Set on an isolated farm in the rugged and atmospheric landscape of the English countryside, THE HOLDING is a heart-pounding suspense thriller and the ultimate survival story.

Cassie Naylor has a brutal secret – she killed her husband Dean after discovering he had been abusing one of their daughters. Now running the farm alone with her two girls, Cassie fights to avoid financial ruin. Selling up to predatory local farmer Rabe seems to be her only way out…

Then one day an enigmatic stranger called Aden arrives at the farm, claiming to be an old friend of her husband. He knows all about Cassie and her daughters and charms his way into their lives. Unknown to Cassie, Aden’s motivation has a sinister edge – he is obsessed with the idea of a perfect family and wants to take over Dean’s family as if it were his own.

When Cassie discovers Aden’s deluded intentions, she confronts him. This drives him to increasingly violent acts against anyone he sees as a threat to his family and he lays siege at the farmhouse, holding Cassie and the children hostage.

Trapped, Cassie and her girls must unite and fight like never before.



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