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Sundance ’11 REVIEW: ‘The Silent House’ Remake Carries High Aspirations, Scares!

Out of left field the Sundance Film Festival announced the last second premiere of The Silent House, which would bring Open Water director Chris Kentis’ back to the fest that kick-started his career. How did the haunted house remake fair?

As is the case with most haunted house movies, the reasons behind the haunting are never as compelling as the haunting itself, but Kentis manages to mine the single-setting premise with some clever, highly memorable scares. He’s attacked an impressively ambitious technical project–a work reminiscent of films like Buried, REC, or Alfred Hitchcock`s Rope–and managed to pull it off admirably.

Sounds a bit better than the original! Click the title above for Ryan Daley’s full review or here for all of our Sundance coverage.



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