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New ‘Dylan Dog’ Images to Make You Cringe



I want to like this movie, I really do, but all signs point to disaster. Kevin Munroe’s Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, his live-action adaptation of the Italian comic, has been on the shopping block for quite some time now. I’ve heard of some local test screenings, yet no buyers. We’ve seen horrible Italian posters and trailers, and now a slew of new images that made me uncomfortably cringe. Take the image below, are we going to see a “Tales from the Crypt” movie? Let’s just hope it’s as fun as Demon Knight and Bordello of Blood

Brandon Routh stars as Dylan Dog, who is forced back into his nightmare investigations after he is approached by a woman who claims to have seen her father brutally murdered by a mysterious creature. With his street smart, his gun and a set of paranormal weapons, Dylan attempts to restore order both above and below ground.

Click the image for a full gallery of new pics, click the title for details.


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