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Now Hiring: ‘Pet Sematary’ Gatekeeper

What a crazy busy news day! It’s been almost exactly 7 years since Paramount announced plans to remake Mary Lambert’s 1989 Stephen King adaptation Pet Sematary, while the last time we heard of any developments was back in July.

Fresh news courtesy of the LA Times who report that Matthew Greenberg, the writer of 1408 (also based on a King work), is set to turn in his script for a new version of the tale. And executives at studio Paramount have put out the word to at least two representatives in the agent community that they are seeking a high-level director to tackle the material.

The original, which starred Fred Gwynne, told of a zombie-raising pet cemetery that afflicts a family that’s just moved to small-town Maine. Events unfold with a mix of death (both animal and human), resurrections and creepy Gothic spaces. (Mary Lambert’s movie also spawned a poorly received sequel in 1992.)



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