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Unstoppable Killing Machine Unleashed in ‘Safehouse’

Award-winning writer/director Ryan Braund delivers an explosive, action-packed feature film debut with Safehouse, an independent British sci-fi/action thriller following four small-time criminals who are cornered into their hideout by the police after stealing a safe full of money. However, instead of arresting them, the police seize this opportunity to test a new weapon on them – an unstoppable killing machine.

Trapped within old, decaying warehouses in a remote part of town, these humble thugs are less than prepared for the onslaught of bullets, projectiles and other high-tech tricks this monster can throw at them. The lead, Karl, is determined to fight back against the unknown, despite risking never seeing his daughter again. One by one, our “lab rats” are caught in the crosshairs as the villainous law enforcement demonstrate what the robot can do.

The only things keeping the thieves alive are a police radio interceptor … and an arsenal of weapons.

Safehouse never lets go and drives up and up to an explosive ending with a dark twist. It stars Chris James, Harry Dyer, Eamon Yates, Barnaby Ferris, and Rob Shiels with voice acting from Mike Verker as the villain, Sergeant Williams, Miranda Gauvin as the Police Operator, and Kate Flynn as the Weapon Operator.

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