BD Review: Trent Haaga's Whacked Out 'Chop' Delivers on Laughs & Gore! - Bloody Disgusting
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BD Review: Trent Haaga’s Whacked Out ‘Chop’ Delivers on Laughs & Gore!



A new indie I’ve been quite excited to see was Trent Haaga’s Chop, a revenge thriller with a comedic edge that centers on a seemingly innocent young couple, forced by a psychotic stranger to
 confront their duplicitous past. Haaga, as you may know, is the writer of the popular Deadgirl, and former Troma icon. Now he’ll be known as a legitimate director. What a f*cking great movie!

‘Chop’ delivers on all sides by jam-packing the movie with laughs, gore and some insane twists that are guaranteed to get the room in a buzz…you owe it to yourself to watch this with a group of friends so you can all chatter about how f*cked it truly is.

You can click the title above for the full review, along with the poster, trailer and stills.


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