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Watch ‘The Tapes’ of Murdered UK Teens

I’m a big fan of cinema verite, or “found footage” horror. While it’s being done to death, it’s the one form of filmmaking that anyone can do with $0. Grab a camera, gets some friends, and prove you’re the real deal. Sure, 99% of them suck, but eventually the next Blair Witch or Paranormal Activity will find its way.

Thanks to BD regular Avery, we scored a trailer to Scott Bates UK found footage indie pic The Tapes that stars Nick Nevern and Jason Maza. Here’s the plot crunch and a piece of art:

In February 2008 several tapes were recovered at the scene of a horrific crime. Shot by three youngsters involved and with the permission of their parents, the tapes are now being released as a warning to society.



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