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Tons of ‘Bad Behaviour’ in Intersecting Stories

Fans of Wolf Creek get ready for another genre film starring psycho killer John Jarratt, who stars alongside Robert Coleby, Georgina Symes, Dwaine Stevenson, Jean Kittson, Roger Ward and Lindsay Farris in Bad Behaviour, Joseph Sims’ thriller that’ll scare you out of debt.

Both the official website and Facebook have been updated with the poster and trailer, both of which you’ll see below. Here’s the plot crunch:

The weekend is about to kick off. With the ocean calm, the weather warm and the sun setting over the hills, two psychopathic siblings – Emma and Peterson – pit stop on their road trip of bloodshed at the sleepy beach-side town of Cecil Bay.

‘Bad Behaviour’ will have you on the precipice of intrigue as you are thrown into: Emma and Peterson’s encounter with their fierce predator and debt collector Voyte Parker, a cop confronting the people who murdered his son, and the day a man finds his wife is cheating on him. ‘Bad Behaviour’ joins the intersecting storylines of murderers, coppers, teachers and teenagers, exposing their eventual demise. This black comedy/neo-noir picture embodies the very same ‘cool’ of the beach-side town it’s set in, providing you an eerie fantasy landscape characterized by a fusion of graphic violence and punchy dialogue.



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