Patrick Lussier Voices His Confusion Over the Stalling-Out of 'My Bloody Valentine 2' - Bloody Disgusting
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Patrick Lussier Voices His Confusion Over the Stalling-Out of ‘My Bloody Valentine 2’



When a slasher film that cost less than $20 million to produce makes back its full production tag and then some opening weekend – on its way to a $100 million total gross worldwide – you begin to wonder what the studio could possibly be thinking when a quickie sequel doesn’t automatically show up in theaters within a year or two. That’s the story with Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer’s My Bloody Valentine 3D, which, despite Hollywood’s usual rush to capitalize as quickly as possible on hit properties, still hasn’t had a sequel materialize over two years since the first movie’s release. Lussier – on the phone with us to discuss his exploitation throwback Drive Angry 3D – is just as aware of that disconnect as anyone.

Yeah, every few months we’ll go back to Lionsgate and say ‘hey, what about doing this?’ ,” said the director. “And [they’re] like, ‘you know, we don’t really wanna make those kinds of movies anymore.’ And it’s like, ‘really? ok…’

I don’t know if it’s too late to do that now,” he continued, on the probability of the sequel ever materializing at this point. “The story we have, we wrote quite a bit on it and have a really firm idea and concept for that if it was to ever happen. But you know, it would involve getting all the original cast back and things like that…time marches on, and you have to weigh everybody’s interest. There was a time that was perfect to do it, and then as the years tick by, you wonder if that window is closed…but who knows? Stranger things have happened…things cycle around, and somebody else could stand there and say, ‘Hey, what about this? It [made] a ton of money, why don’t we [make] another one of these?’…there was a lot to reap on that project. So yeah, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher.

Is anyone really looking forward to an MBV3D sequel at this point or is it time to move on…? Sound off in the comments!


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