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Murder Behind the Scenes of ‘Outtake Reel’



From Scott Feinblatt and Jeffry Chaffin comes Outtake Reel, a new indie starring Ava Santana, Lloyd Kaufman, Tiffany Shepis, Scott Feinblatt, Jeffry Chaffin.

The action behind-the-scenes of a horror movie turns deadlier than what’s on camera

Outtake Reel is the story, told through assembled found footage, of actress Ashley Swan (Santana), who desired Hollywood fame but wound up as the star of a torture/snuff flick. Director Scott Feinblatt co-stars as Tom Grayson, a principled horror movie director who is forced to shoot the snuff movie by a deranged fan (co-director Jeffry Chaffin). However, once the movie is made, does Grayson find that he enjoyed shooting an actual murder? What’s next for him?


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