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Bloody Disgusting Launches Film Series with AMC and The Collective!

I don’t know about you guys, but I get pretty frustrated when I can’t see a horror movie that’s already getting rave reviews out of Japan, Germany, Europe, and even right here in the States.

There’s nothing more aggravating than hearing behind-the-scenes “acquisition” drama about great films like Inside, Frontier(s), Mandy Lane, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, among many others. The fact of the matter is, most distribution companies HATE foreign films and feel that you guys don’t want to see them. That’s why REC was just dumped onto DVD without even a chance for you to see it in theaters (an atrocity from my perspective).

With the rise of “digital entertainment,” thanks to VOD, horror may have found a new life. Over the course of the next decade I expect an overflow of genre films, so much so that you’re head is going to spin.

After 10 years of reporting on other people’s films, we’re excited to announce our jump into the distro world, an exciting place where we’ve finally been given the opportunity to be the dudes who bring you quality (this is very important to us) horror from across the globe – films we personally love and think you will too.

So with that we’re proud to introduce BLOODY DISGUSTING SELECTS, a new genre label that will bring you “quality” worldwide genre cinema via theaters, VOD, online, DVD and even television.

Inside you’ll find the official press release announcing the first 3 films, but before you make a move I want to make one thing very clear: we consider Bloody Disgusting a community. For a decade now our focus has always been about giving you dear horror fans a VOICE, an uncensored opinion on news, reviews and much, much more. This will continue to be the way, the only way; this will and always will be our main focus. We’re going to let you guys make or break the films. Good or bad, your opinions will be highlighted and shared with the Bloody Disgusting community proudly. YOU are Bloody Disgusting.

The Collective, Bloody Disgusting and AMC Theatres



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