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Synapse Brings ‘The Dorm That Dripped Blood’ to Blu-ray

Synapse Films is proud to present the fullest-length version of Jeffrey Obrow and Stephen Carpenter’s lost classic The Dorm That Dripped Blood on Blu-ray April 26. On the eve of Christmas vacation, a college dormitory stands condemned, the dark halls now vacant… and unsafe. Co-ed Joanne Murray and her close friends volunteer to help close down the building, unaware a psychopathic lunatic hides in the shadows. As the students disappear one by one, Joanne discovers the horrifying reality that if she is to survive, she will have to find a way to slay the brutal murderer… alone.
If you think you’ve seen this film totally uncut… think again! Synapse Films is proud to present THE DORM THAT DRIPPED BLOOD in a never-before-seen alternate version containing additional scenes, extended gore sequences, and a different sound mix. This transfer was created from the only existing 35mm answer print of the original Directors’ Cut entitled DEATH DORM, a version of the film thought to have been lost for thirty years.

Special Features:

* Widescreen (1.66:1) version of the never-before-seen Directors’ Cut, transferred in 1080p High Definition!
* Audio commentary featuring directors Jeffrey Obrow and Stephen Carpenter.
* Interviews with composer Christopher Young and make-up FX creatior Matthew Mungle.
* Original theatrical trailers.
* Reversible cover with alternate artwork.



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