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‘Wake Wood’ Director Wants to Tell Tale of ‘Cat People’

In development for over three years now is Hammer Films’ redo of Jacques Tourneur’s 1942 classic Cat People, which has already been remade by Paul Schrader in 1982.

Website Filmshaft caught up with director David Keating, who recently directed Wake Wood for Hammer, who revealed that he’d like to take the reigns on modern day take on the “cat people.”

I’d like to do a Hammer remake of Cat People with Imogen Poots,” he told the site.

Poots starred in 28 Weeks Later and the forthcoming Fright Night remake.

In the previous remake drafts of Cat People, penned by Todd Stein and Ravel Centeno-Rodgriguez, “An ancient matriarchal race of Cat People are all but vanquished by the Spanish Conquistadors at the end of the 15th Century. The two survivors, now living in modern-day Miami, feasting off the lascivious male population, must mate with a Cat Man who is about to be ordained as a Catholic priest in order to perpetuate their race.



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