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A Whole Lotta Hotties Read for ‘Total Recall’

Reporting on who is reading for a film is starting to get annoying, but I guess that’s where we’re headed with journalism these days. Time to embrace it.

Deadline is reporting that on a few major roles in Sony Pictures Total Recall remake, which Len Wiseman will direct with Colin Farrell starring in the role originated by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

First, there is the role of “Lori,” who started out the 1990 Paul Verhoeven-directed original as the happy homemaker wife of Douglas Quaid, only to transform into the bride from hell. That’s the role that really launched the star of Sharon Stone (who would star in Verhoeven’s Basic Instinct) and the site reports that Kate Bosworth and Inglourious BasterdsDiane Kruger are reading this week for that role.

There is also the role of “Melina,” which was originated by Rachel Ticotin, playing the woman who helps the protagonist get to the bottom of the futuristic scandal on Mars. Eva Mendes and Paula Patton are reading for that role. They add that Jessica Biel could also be in contention for Melina, Eva Green too, and that Mendes is also being considered for the Lori role.

Weeewww. Total Recall is already slated for release on August 3, 2012.
The original, based on the Philip K. Dick story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale,” follows a man haunted by a recurring dream of journeying to Mars who buys a literal dream vacation from a company called Rekall Inc., which sells implanted memories. The man comes to believe he is a secret agent and ends up on a Martian colony, where he fights to overthrow a despotic ruler controlling the production of air.

Pictured: Eva Mmmmmmmmmendes

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