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‘Cold Sweat’ Director’s ‘Watch’em Die’ Sets Premiere

Rooms for Tourists director Adrián García Bogliano just saw his odd thriller Cold Sweat (that features people exploding) at this past week’s SXSW Film Festival. Now, his long lost 2009 film is about to see a premier overseas.

27th Annual Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival will host Masacre esta noche (Watch’em Die), which follows (excuse the bad translation) “A young screenwriter who sits gets a job. He can suddenly disappeared cameraman at a film production to replace. Once there, he finds a pornography actor and a foolish little girl. But who is that man with that strange mask on? To his fright, our hero discovers that he has ended up on a snuff-film set. How does he will save itself here from?

As from the moment that the axe is tevoorschijn obtained, turned out to be Masacre esta Noche itself as a bloody black comedy. It does not concern the writing and directing brothers Adrián and Ramiro García Bogliano sexual violence, but how it goes on the set of such a atrocious film. Not even this way crazily much differently than on the set of equally which cheap film production as a matter of fact. The producer gives a thunder sermon concerning budget overshooting, the regisseur overflows of claim and the gone pornography actor does not touch finished over its glory days. Except bloodily and comic Masacre esta Noche are also once more considerable stretching.

Watch the trailer inside.



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