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‘Deadgirl’ Writer Trent Haaga Responds to Sequel Rumors

Back in 2009 the Trent Haaga penned Deadgirl shocked Toronto International Film Festival audiences with a dark coming-of-age horror story in the vein of River’s Edge. Directed by Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Hare, the plot followed two teenage boys who make a shocking discovery – in a forgotten room of an abandoned asylum, they find a beautiful woman tied to a bed, and soon come to realize she is anything but dead. The film was called misogynistic, although that’s completely ridiculous.

Haaga responded to the accusations by penning a sequel, which made its way back into the news when the Hollywood Reporter wrote an article detailing the plot. The problem is that what they reported is false. Haaga took to his official blog clarifying what we already told you: the plot crunch is 100% incorrect. While Haaga doesn’t go into detail, we can tell you that the plot is said to follow a group of females who find the same “zombie” girl from the first film, not a boy as other sites were reporting.

Anyways, Haaga goes onto explain that if a sequel were to go into production he would not be involved and that he “suspect[s] that some elements that [were] introduced may end up getting stolen…

We’ll update you with any fresh “official” updates.



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