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Extended Trailer for $1 Horror ‘Vampire in the Hole’

Update: New extended trailer inside

Do you believe a movie can be made for a mere $1. I don’t. It’s bullsh*t and a terrible PR stunt. If you eat a bag of chips or Taco Bell that counts towards your budget. If you miss work and lose money, yup, it counts. Are you using a camera? Someone paid for it, and there’s depreciation value. If you want to play a game of semantics, OK, I believe a movie can be made for $1…. but in all honesty that’s bullsh*t. What do you think?

Anyways, Spanish filmmakers Sonia Escolano and Sadrac Gonzalez are making their claim as “no-budget” phenoms with their $1 movie The Vampire in the Hole, “a fake documentary about the filming of “The Vampire in the Hole”, the story of May, a teenage girl who turns into a violent vampire after suffering from about of flu. Sounds strange, but it is actually about the journey taken to show how you can make a commercially viable yet independent film at the same time, with an aim to break the mould.

Even if they spent some money on the production, it’s a pretty impressive looking debut. I’m excited to see it! Check out some images, clips and the trailer inside. Visit the Facebook for tons of photos, with more over at the film’s official website:



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