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Producers of ‘Saw’ Open ‘Plantation’

Considering how long we’ve been talking about it, I still have my doubts will ever see an RKO remake. Highland Film Group is selling I Walked With a Zombie for producers Ted Hartley, and Twisted Pictures’ Mark Burg, Oren Koules, along with Carl Mazzocone.

Newly titled Plantation (then why remake it?) the official Highland Film Group site claims that both removed by request of producers have expressed interest in starring. Adam Marcus is no longer directing.

From a story by executive producer Andy Fickman, and a screenplay by Adam Marcus and Debra Sullivan, “Besty, a young haunted school teacher, is running from her past. She accepts the generous offer from Mr. Theroux, agreeing to home school his children while living with them in their idyllic family plantation.

Betsy quickly embraces the children and earns their trust, but questions the children’s strange distant behavior. Soon she uncovers a dark family secret, and suspects that Mr. Theroux may have harmed his own children.

Betsy must navigate through Voodoo mythology, ritual curses, and other security measures put in place by M. Theroux to prevent his kids from leaving from leaving the isolated plantation. To rescue the children, she must risk her life in order to escape the supernatural evil that surrounds them all.



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