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Horror In Your House: April 5, 2011

When a SyFy original (Behemoth) is the most recognizable film, by a mile, for a release week you know it’s a slow week. Painfully slow. Honestly, there is nothing worth mentioning out of any of the releases for this first week of April. It’s mostly comprised of nearly no budget flicks. Maybe there is a gem in there, maybe not. But I’m not gonna drop money on something that I’ve never heard of nor can I find any legitimate reviews on. I’m skipping everything this week and catching up on Netflix Instant (which has released a ton of good horror in the last couple weeks). If you don’t have Netflix, then I am truly sorry for you. You’ll just have to deal, but you are probably use to that by now anyway. Have a nice week everyone.
Horror In Your House
April 4th, 2011

BEHEMOTH – Vivendi Entertainment

An earthquake reactivates a long-dormant volcano threatening the small town of Ascension, trembling in its shadow. But the gaping maws in the region reveal evidence of something else a centuries-old subterranean creature at last given the chance to break free in a black cloud of fire and ash. As the Behemoth wreaks havoc, it’s a race against time as a small band of rescuers fight it with a force as destructive as the beast itself.

DEAD ON SITE – Midnight Releasing

The Sackett family never had a chance. Attacked in their home by an intruder, the couple and their three children were slashed to ribbons, decapitated, eviscerated. One year later, a group of college students moves into the so-called “Whack-it House” on a mission not only to complete a senior project, but discover the identity of the killer and get justice at last.

DEADRISE – Osiris Entertainment

An inspector (Renee O’Connor) for the Historic Trust visits an abandoned ship on a desolate waterfront. Paula meets up with the self-appointed caretaker Vigs (Larry Joe Campbell) who blindly made the application for historical status. Moments after her arrival, Paula’s car is disabled and she is far from town and is stuck for the night. Without any particular option, Paula accepts Vigs’ offer to spend the night on the once proud steamship. What follows is a sleepless night of bad dreams and creepy reality.

HORRID – Brain Damage Films

Come visit the beautiful north woods. Enjoy the changing of the leaves, the vast chain of lakes, bountiful hunting and fishing, and great snowmobile trails. Relax at one of our many resorts or find yourself part of a genetic experiment testing deadly viruses. Three friends travel north for a bachelor party weekend full of babes, booze and unexpected encounters. Oblivious to what is happening around them the three find themselves trapped as a cannibalistic diseases, developed by the military, transforms the townspeople into ravenous zombies.

INSIGHT OF EVIL – New Blood Ent Ltd

When Tanya Beach discovers that her twin sister has gone missing, she seeks solace in a lakeside retreat with a bunch of high school classmates. The relaxing vacation turns into a nightmare when the group are hounded by a lost soul who has been resurrected after dying in the retreat a few months previously. Mayhem and murder break out, providing a welcome addition to the teen-slasher ouvre.

ZOMBIE DOOMSDAY – Gawid Entertainment

This live action, improvisational style movie was filmed in just 12 hours and is sure to delight Zombie fans around the world. Zombie Doomsday is more of an actual live scenario than a low budget independent feature film. It’s a very intriguing look at what would happen if there was an actual Zombie outbreak. The concept was developed two weeks before filming and on set production was completed in under 12 hours. The actors were put in a restaurant understanding that a down on his luck movie star was coming back to his hometown to film a reality show. We then set up real events (unknown ahead of time to the actors) that would help carry the story. Some events turned out scary to them while other events were comedic. This film is part Zomedy, and part scary movie.



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