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Super Cheese in ‘Death From Above’

Inside you’ll find the trailer for Bruce Koehler‘s ultra cheesy Death From Above, which features the casting of ex-wrestler Psycho Sid Vicious, Maniac Cop Robert Z’Dar, TNA wrestlers Matt Morgan and ODB. Errrrr.

An ancient Druid demon has returned to claim his prize… to reign over the world through one thousand years of darkness. The last time Druid-Demon Thule (Kurt Angle) walked the earth was during the Dark Ages. Now after one thousand years, he has returned from beyond to assemble his pagan monk worshippers and to wreak havoc on the natural world. Gunnar Halgrim (TNA Wrestling’s James Storm) an ordinary blue-collar steelworker, is plagued by disturbing nightmares and discovers through a clairvoyant gypsy that his ancestral bloodline and a family heirloom places him in danger of Thule’s evil dark path. As the drama mounts, Thule’s twisted and escalating rampage of death and destruction will soon collide with this small town, to square off against over zealous Sheriff Raynick (Tom Savini). But one man stands between him and his Ultimate Reign



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