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Blood-Soaked Trailer for Horror Comedy ‘The Bloodfest Club’

Described as “A bloody, grindhouse, spaghetti western revenge story…with bikers, bears and trannies,” Bloody Disgusting is excited to share with you the first trailer for Oscar Madrid & Jim Ousley’s The Bloodfest Club, which tells the tale of a mop-pushing zero that must become a high-octane hero and battle an out-of-this world evil on graduation night.

Inside you’ll ifnd the trailer, with more images available at the film’s Facebook.

In “The Bloodfest Club”, a Chuck Norris-obsessed high school janitor is forced to confront the face of evil on graduation night.

The film stars Madison Burke as Marissa, Carson Kelley as Chris, Eddie Perino as Tango, Caroline Rouse as Tiffany, and Peter Mayer as Sensei Noddy Donigan. Madrid and Ousley are launching the short film in preparation for a feature-length version of “The Bloodfest Club” which is in the early stages on pre-production. The film, penned by Madrid and Ousley, will be their follow-up to their award-winning debut comedy, “Hooch & Daddy-O”.



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