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‘Killing’ Detective Goes To ‘World War Z’

All had been quiet on the World War Z front until last month, when it was reported that the film was looking for additional backers since the Marc Forster PG-13 adaptation was budgeted around $125 million.

While there doesn’t seem to be an official confirmation of who is teaming up with Paramount, it looks like they’ve cast Mireille Enos (AMC’s The Killing) as Brad Pitt’s wife. This could be an unofficial confirmation that the film is a go, or it could be the studio trying to drum up interest from potential investors. Either way, they seem to be moving full steam ahead as if it’s a definite thing.

World War Z is a sober telling of the aftermath of a war fought against a legion of humans who were inflicted with a virus, died and were reanimated into flesh-eating zombies.



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