'Fright Night 3D' Director Craig Gillespie Talks Next Gig: 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Fright Night 3D’ Director Craig Gillespie Talks Next Gig: ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’



Speaking with Craig Gillespie earlier today after viewing some footage from his latest directorial effort Fright Night 3D, the Lars and the Real Girl helmer managed to talk very briefly about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the heavily-hyped adaptation of the Seth Grahame-Smith novel on which he recently replaced Mike White as director. Though he remained mum on any specifics, he did admit that no decision has been made yet on whether they’ll attempt to cash in on the current (waning?) 3-D craze with the film.

That bridge hasn’t been crossed yet,” he said, before commenting on the fact that the horror/comedy hybrid will be his second genre film in a row after ‘Fright Night’: “With ‘Zombies’, I’m not looking to be labeled in any kind of genre or anything, it’s just, again, the script came across my desk and what I responded to is the tone. It’s such a clear tone, there’s so much humor in it, it’s so loyal to that period with the dialogue and the banter, and then you’ve got…zombies. It’s just such a fun mix.

Given White’s recent departure from the project due to scheduling conflicts, Gillespie also made sure to point out that he’ll definitely be remaining on board for the duration of the production.

Yeah, yeah I am [definitely directing it],” he maintained. “Luckily everybody else had solid reasons why they couldn’t do it!


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