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Viewer Beware, You’re In For Another R.L. Stine Adaptation

A few months back, Horror Guy let me borrow one of his Goosebumps DVDs and, man, did it bring a heavy wave of nostalgia over me. It doesn’t hold up well at all, but I found it somewhat charming (and very Canadian).

Even though the Goosebumps feature-length adaptation is still in the scripting phase, R.L. Stine’s yet to be released book It’s the First Day of School … Forever has just been optioned by Gotham Group.

The book – which will be published in July – tells the story of 12-year-old Artie, whose second day at his new school is exactly like his first, which just happened to be the worst day of his life. The boy finds himself reliving the same horrible day and must find a way to change his nightmare. Gotham Group CEO and founder Ellen Goldsmith-Vein describes the story as a mix of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and Groundhog Day in a horror-comedy universe.

Gotham is looking to attach a writer before shopping it around to studios.



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