Trailer for Anthology 'Italian Ghost Stories' - Bloody Disgusting
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Trailer for Anthology ‘Italian Ghost Stories’



UK-based sales company One Eyed Films has picked up the first Italian ghost-movie from producer Gabriele Albanesi (The Last House in the Woods, Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show) Italian Ghost Stories (Fantasmi).

Ghost Stories (Fantasmi) is an anthology horror directed by up and coming Italian talents, a new wave of directors inspired by the Italian aesthetic and narrative from the ’70s classic cinema. Talent includes: Andrea Gagliardi, Roberto Palma, Stefano Prolli, Tommaso Agnese, Omar Protani, Marco Farina and Nicola Lazzerotti.

One Eyed Films has distinguished itself over the years to be highly specialized in genre and horror films originally from Latin America but now expanding into World genre Cinema. The company’s catalogue includes the legendary Collection by Director Mojica Marins creator of one of the world’s most infamous character Coffin Joe, as well as contemporary new award winning Directors and films.

Italian Ghost Stories will be presented by One Eyed Films at the next Cannes Film Market and American Film Market.

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