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An Invitation to Darclight’s ‘Harvest’

Darclight Films, who is best known for Wolf Creek, is in pre-production on the creature feature Harvest, which will be directed by Tony Tilse from a screenplay by Leon Ford.

For Ellie, Tom and Alf, scared and on the run following a bungled robbery, a hidden, isolated village on the banks of a dry lake is the perfect place to hide.

It’s harvest time and the fugitives readily agree when they’re recruited by the local farmers to stay and work. But there’s something different about this place, something not quite right. The nervous locals, with their sideways glances and whispered conversations are overly friendly and a little too happy to see them.

When the long awaited rains finally come, filling the lake, the locals disappear behind locked doors and Ellie, Tom and Alf discover the real reason they’ve been invited.

Check out the Cannes sales art inside.



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