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M Dot Strange Brings Us More Animated Weirdness With ‘Heart String Marionette’!

Back in 2007 M Dot Strange delivered the mind-melting feature We Are the Strange, which he self released on his own website.

The video game designer-turned-director is back at it again with the animated Heart String Marionette that follows “A child, a samurai mime, and a stripper with more cleavage then common sense try to stop the WOR LORD and evil clown that have turned the countryside into a never ending nightmare filled with horrible monsters.

When you died inside… the last tears your inner child cried… Heart String Marionette is a 121 minute narrative death poem dedicated to the DEATH and systematic destruction
of innocence, art and life in modern society.

An animated cinemusical experience unlike any the world has ever Experienced….

TRAILER! Check out the official blog for more.



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