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Toys: The Darker Side of Freddy Krueger From ‘Freddy’s Revenge’

At this past February’s Toy Fair in New York, NECA announced a trio of new A Nightmare on Elm Street action figures detailing the first three looks of slasher Freddy Krueger in New Line Cinema’s infamous franchise:

* Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy with outstretched arms, regular arms, removable hat and interchangeable heads (classic and skinned face with exposed skull)

* Freddy’s Revenge Freddy with bladed finger nails, removable hat and interchangeable heads (regular and screaming face)

* Dream Warriors Freddy with ripped sweater revealing Freddy’s victims, Elm Street house accessory and interchangeable heads (grimacing expression and crucifix damaged screaming face with a port hole that light can shine through)

NECA has now unveiled the “Freddy’s Revenge” figures that includes a pair of heads, hands, and a remove hat.

Also don’t forget to check out the incredible “Classic” Freddy and “Dream Master Freddy” that comes with the “Dream House” accessory, along with an interchangeable Freddy’s head featuring his exposed brain. The line will arrive in stores this August.



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