Tribeca '11 REVIEW: 'Beyond the Black Rainbow' Hypnotizing Art - Bloody Disgusting!

Tribeca ’11 REVIEW: ‘Beyond the Black Rainbow’ Hypnotizing Art

I got a kick out of John Marrone’s review for Beyond the Black Rainbow, because it’s so incredibly descriptive and yet his e-mail to me summed it all up in a simple sentence: “‘Black Rainbow’ is unique, hypnotizing art… [it’s] not for everyone by far, but it broke so many rules. I thought it was landmark.

Panos Cosmatos’ trippy vision premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this past weekend and has been compared to Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.

Marrone calls the film “a pure 100% pharmaceutical grade trip” and makes it extremely clear that it’s not going to be for everyone; in short, you’re either going to LOVE it or DESPISE it (there’s no in between).

You can read his entire review by clicking the title above, inside you’ll dig on the trailer.