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The Night Continues With Horror ‘After Party’

Martín is the young male lead in a successful television series, Camp Blood, and one of the biggest teenage idols of the moment. He has no qualms about using his fame to score with girls and has earned a reputation as a heartbreaker. One morning he wakes and finds that he is locked inside a large house after a wild party there the night before. Trapped along with him are three girls with whom he had different encounters the night before.

Miguel Larraya knows you’re not even close to finished with your night, hence the massive After Party is throwing with Ion González, Esmeralda Moya and Blanca Suárez.

To get you in the mood, below you’ll find his trailer and flyer for the biggest part of the night…

Via a cell phone, from which they cannot make calls, they receive various videos. As they see them they discover that they are not the only ones locked in the house. A friend of the girls died at the party the night before and her body may still be there. While they try to find out what happened, various members of the group disappear one by one, and the others will see their deaths on video or live, unable to prevent them…




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