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Overseas Horror Fans Saving ‘Scream’ Franchise

In an interview with MTV, Dimension Films kingpin Harvey Weinstein revealed that while Scream 4 is performing poorly here in the States (where the hell were you horror fans?), it’s doing quite well overseas. The importance of said statement? How about the possibility of a fifth Scream?

I’m sure [director Wes Craven is] going to do a sequel, I’m sure he’s going to do a sequel,” Weinstein insisted when MTV spoke with him at the Cannes Film Festival last week, stressing that while Scream 4 didn’t perform fantastically in the United States, it’s doing quite well overseas.

Foreign [sales] are so strong that we’ll do over $100 million worldwide,” said Weinstein. “It’s at $90 now, with about five or six major countries to go and a lot of small ones. We’ll probably do $110 million.

What do you want to see in Scream 5 if it were to go into production?



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