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AWP Infected by ‘Spore’-born Virus

It was just announced that American World Pictures has bought worldwide rights to the upcoming film Spores from StudioLine Entertainment founder, Greg Strasburg, reports Variety. Deal was announced at Cannes.

We now got a lengthy synopsis and sales poster.

‘Spores’ revolves around a remote pharmaceutical lab where an infected test subject violently murders research scientists working on the vaccine for a lethal spore-born virus; those infected transform into psychotic killing machines. Meanwhile, ex-Iraqi soldier Dean Arnold returns home to his girlfriend, Mandy, to help his hoarding grandmother clean out her farm with his closest friends. Before long, the spores infect the group and the friends quickly turn on each other. Unbeknownst to them, the company used the farmhouse as a secret testing facility… Now, Dean must battle the giant corporation, their trained assassins, and his own friends in a race to find the vaccine before the deadly spores kill them all!

Jason Dudek is writing and directing. Strasburg is producing.

The film is set to begin principal photography this June and is the first of three genre pictures that StudioLine will be producing. StudioLine and AWP first came to work with one another on the film Legacy written and directed by Dudek.



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