International Trailer, Hi-Res Stills and Poster for 'Territories' - Bloody Disgusting!

International Trailer, Hi-Res Stills and Poster for ‘Territories’

In French cinemas this coming June is Olivier Abbou’s Territories, a thriller we’ve been covering for nearly two years now.

Inside you’ll find the official foreign trailer, alongside over 20 hi-res stills and the poster. Still no word on a U.S. release.

Canada, near the US border. Jalil, Michelle, Gab, Leslie and Tom are driving back home after a wedding. A car blocks the road. Forces them to stop. It’s the border police. The officers check their ID. They seem suspicious. Their questioning slowly intensifies. In particular, the origins of Jalil seem to intrigue the officers. Bother them. As good citizens, the group stays calm. After all, they’ve done nothing wrong… Except that broken light… Except that pot found in the car… Tension rises. Leslie tries to get Tom’s medication in the car. But the officers prevent her. The police check turns nasty. The group is cuffed. Leslie protests; as an answer, she gets an “intimate” body search in front of her friends. The officers then suspect their little dog is a drug mule…and they rip it open with a knife! The situation spirals out of control. Someone is shot. The group is arrested and sent to a special jail in the heart of the forest. Cages are waiting for them. Along with questions. They’ll need to find answers. Or a way out.

From the producers of The Horde, we’re not hearing very good things, although the trailer and batch of images look promising.

Click here for all 23 hi-res stills

  • neilemac

    If you’re into “horror flick’s,” you’ve found a link to a reflection of its personification. Personally, couldn’t get beyond the second scene without cringing having witnessed ‘beyond the pale’ paranoia’ played out; so, I stopped the disc and quickly disarmed its grip in an attempt to erase the sordid images of unbridled power I’d witnessed that told me would only lead to more and worse. I abhor violence in all its forms; regardless of who is victimized by its horror. But if needless violence is your bag; you’ve won.